March 29, 2017



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We need to be a team, and its important to have an initial consultation to determine your timeline, price points, neighborhoods acceptable, and other criteria needed for a complete home search.

We will also check:

  • home availability (example - you can't buy an oceanfront home, with a big yard for $200k nor are they many single family options Downtown)   
  • What is more important?  Price or neighborhood? Maybe home size?  Setting an order for priorities can help in finding a home you love in today's hot market.  
  • Sales price to listing price ratios,  Are sellers getting full asking price or only a %?  Are the homes on the market for less than or more than 30 days in your desired neighborhood.
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Frequently Ask Questions

Q.   Do I need an approval to look at homes?

A.   Yes and No.   Being approved means you are serious and not just "looking" so if you are just looking or in the beginning phase of your home search, you are welcome to go through open houses without needing a loan approval.   Now, if you are asking homeowners and tenants to vacate their homes for your scheduled home tour, than yes, you need to be approved.  Plus, most Realtors won't take you on a full home tour unless you are approved, its bad business.  Realtors can give you the names of 2 or 3 good Local Lenders.  Having a local lender is vital.  They know the market and you're more than a number to them.  Working with someone you can call after 5 and on weekends is important in a fast paced real estate market. 

Q.   Can I buy a home with zero money?

A.   No.  While you may qualify for a Zero Down Loan Program, you will still have some out of cost expenses including the earnest money deposit (1% or more of the Purchase Price) + you also need money for a home inspection ($300-$800+) any upfront lender charges which could be appraisal cost and home owners insurance...  

*On rare occasions, they may be a home buyers program that helps with these upfront cost. 



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My Message to you.

One of my motto's is "How Can I help you?"
If Buying or Selling is your Priority, You are My Priority.
Buying or selling your home is a huge financial and emotional process.
Ego's often play into buying and selling and I firmly believe it shouldn't be from your Realtor. I'm a straight shooter, lets get you the best value for your dollar, and hopefully have a little fun.

As a Full Time Professional, my goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. I've been doing Real Estate since College and its been well over a decade. Time fly's when you enjoy what you do. Let's get you moved!
I value your referrals and take pride in every transaction.



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